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You're trying to log in to Yahoo! Mail and you have forgotten your Yahoo email login. What do you do?Yahoo knows that recovering your password should be as easy a process as possible. In the event you need to get your password back, Yahoo have designed theYahoo! Password Helper. This resolves a majority of the issues that arise when you have forgotten or lost your password.

In the current environment of the Internet, there are lots opportunities that people can use to take advantage of you and other Yahoo! customers. Yahoo! added a few measures of protection to keep your information safe. This can be inconvenient, and we acknowledge that. In order to assure maximum safety, one needs to be confident knowing that you are the actual account holder in order to prevent an unauthorized person to access your valuable data.

Here is how to get started with the Yahoo! Password Helper:

Go to:

Choose the most appropriate option:

I have a problem with my password

I forgot my Yahoo! ID

My account may have been compromised

Type your Yahoo! ID (if asked).

Type the CAPTCHA information (if asked).

Follow the rest of the steps as they are presented.

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